Life with a Writer

Writing INfographic

There is part of me that wants to go after the corporate job you know. I can now work in Canada and the United States as long and as often as I wish, without complication. I can also travel internationally and was recently told that a Marketing Manager such as myself could travel to all sorts of countries to assist on a contract basis, with companies who are expanding overseas. I was a little interested… I can’t lie. The writer in me would love contract assignments that took me to perhaps Australia, or Great Britain, across the USA and Canada. If I was a clever girl, I’d figure out how to take 1-2 month subcontracts in Toronto right?

Wouldn’t that be perfect? With one exception… I can’t really function without my husband.  I don’t like being far from him, ever.  Although you know, when we’re alone I’m like “I totally don’t need you” … and he smiles because he can tell when I am lying.

Kevin (among his other wonderful qualities) is so reverent to the creative drive within me. It’s really hard to find. In previous relationships I would explain certain things and attribute them to being a creative and a writer, particularly when I wasn’t given sufficient space to express myself or write. There are a number of things you can do to piss off a writer, but one of them is absolutely smothering them. I need that space. I’m done apologizing for needing that space. If you don’t give me that space, I will eat your innards emotionally… not kidding.

I honor myself among the other important relationships in my life now. I am a writer, so please don’t ask me to be less sensitive; it’s not going to happen. Please don’t comment that I tend to “overthink” or be excessively socially analytical … I am a writer (uhem) it seriously goes with the territory. Do not ask me to be less informed about GMO’s, the environment, global warming, brain eating amoeba in drinking water, animal rights, human rights, racism and cooking with organic food sources. Do not ask me to not scream about the dog meat festival or the slaughter of whales and dolphins in Japan. I am a global citizen and an intelligent woman… there are enough ignorant people who do nothing in this world. I’ll never be one of them, and this house recycles EVERYTHING DAMN IT! It’s the lowest rung on the ladder of things you can do for the environment.

It took three years but my husband is now an almost perfect recycling dude. Not sure if it’s on behalf of the environment or to avoid his wife’s indignation to be honest though. I think recycling is “hot”.

I sometimes close the door the bedroom we converted to an office for “writing time”. Now that I am working full time from home, not only can I care for my business needs and client needs, but I can carve out a little time each day for creative blurbs. Like this blog. Like my poetry blog and like a few ebooks I would like to publish in January regarding digital marketing strategy. My ebooks make a fortune for everyone else I figure… perhaps I should try one under my own name and keep the earnings for a change. And my “A Single State of Being” autobiography is trucking along with about 70,000 words done now. I don’t know if it will ever be published… but it needs to be written just the same.

Kevin knows that writing is not a hobby, it is a biological mandatory compulsion. Similar to other drugs, a writer who can’t write suffers withdrawal symptoms of crankiness, despondency, irritability, a penchant for sugar (that might just be me). I mean how many writers or creatives do you know who abuse alcohol or drugs to either subdue the creative urge or to quiet their over active minds? I think that someone who voluntarily marries a creative person should receive the Purple Heart award or some such designation. Imagine life where even the volume on the television becomes a bone of contention when your spouse is in the other room writing?

I’ve written ebooks that have netted tens of thousands of dollars for clients. I have designed and written content for websites, blogs, journalistic submissions to MOZ, The Huffington Post and the Yale Law Review as a super, secret ghost writer. Ghost writing is lucrative as long as you keep your mouth shut and you are okay with someone else taking the cash and the bow and curtsy for your insights, knowledge and communication skill. I’ve built a business around it but my goal in the coming year is publish something with my name on it. Lori Ann Reese.

My husband is convinced that I’ll write a series of books or screenplays and then we can retire to a giant ranch in the country, and open the “Friendly Farm” animal shelter and adoption center I would run, in between writing best selling novels. He doesn’t just “say” that he thinks I can do it. He holds me in front of him tightly and looks me right in the eyes and tells me… it’s my destiny and he KNOWS it will happen.

I think I can change the world you know. Modesty is sooooo typical of a writer right? But the ones that believe they can are the ones that do. And the ones that are married to the nut job creatives, who elevate them, who ground them, who support and care for them… they are part of that magic too. Not many writers are married (that I know) successfully… but the ones that are have exceptional spouses. Imagine a life with someone who wants to write all the time (or paint or try new things), someone who is over analytical, hyper observant, witty, sarcastic, possibly hilariously funny… passionate, irrational at times (it doesn’t matter just agree with me okay?) and more than a little neurotic.

Caveat emptor. I warned you babe, but thank you for choosing a life less ordinary with a writer.  And that I think, is exactly what you wanted in a wife :)



Photo Credit: “Writers in Real Life” photography exhibit John Briggs, 2015.