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Cartoon Illustration of Funny Purebred Chihuahua Dog for Coloring Book

A Really Wonderful Birthday

When I married my husband, I also became a step-mother to twin boys.  I’d like to think that I am nailing this “step-mom” stuff down, but let’s be honest… I waited until the age of 41 to become a legal ‘first time co-parent’ and every month presents lessons in growing into a role that I love, with two young men… Read more →

Applications Open

Making new friends as an adult in a new country, is harder than I thought it would be.  Then again, virtually everything is harder than I think it is going to be, because I am an optimistic and driven person. I have this laundry list of things that my ideal Texas friend(s) should have, which reads fairly reasonable I think.… Read more →


Borderlands and 3 a.m.

He’s not a gamer.  I am a former gamer, part-time gamer… (okay I gave gaming and a lot of time in virtual playgrounds up when I started my business).  Becoming a freelancer and growing my business full time became my passion.  I figured… if I was going to be online, I should be paid for it right? Made sense to… Read more →


Good News and Different Views

Sherman Texas is not the hub of technology, multiculturalism or high paying executive opportunities.   When I lived in Alliston Ontario, virtually everyone I knew who wanted that kind of job worked in Toronto.  It was a grueling commute that I saw my Father do every day, two hours south and then two hours home.   He gained weight, was frequently exhausted… Read more →