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Cartoon Illustration of Funny Purebred Chihuahua Dog for Coloring Book

A Really Wonderful Birthday

When I married my husband, I also became a step-mother to twin boys.  I’d like to think that I am nailing this “step-mom” stuff down, but let’s be honest… I waited until the age of 41 to become a legal ‘first time co-parent’ and every month presents lessons in growing into a role that I love, with two young men… Read more →

Friend Poster

The Quest for Squad

  Intelligence is defined in so many ways.  In my journey through life, I have met the most bewilderingly intelligent human beings on the planet, who are easily frustrated to the point of tears, about asking a guy out on a date.  Some people are drop-dead gorgeous and can tell you what jeans are the most popular, what rap song… Read more →

Home Sweet Home

Deep In The Heart Of (Someone In) Texas

      I’ve been thinking a lot lately about “buy in” and commitment.   And about honoring relationships now that most of my most important life relationships are all long-distance. The emotions and relationship aspects of being an ex-pat are more  complicated than they seem.  If I say that I “love” something about my new home in Texas, inevitably… Read more →

A Very Good Daughter

There have been times in the last year where different people have said how ‘lucky’ I am.  My husband is my best friend (no, like… really my best friend) and I married into a large family full of kids, new cousins, amazing Aunts (and Uncle’s) and I am starting to slowly make new friends. But there is something that makes… Read more →

Upset and angry boy venting steam from his ears

Lessons In Parenting

  I am not going to lie; the majority of the time I prefer to be the indulgent parent in the bunch. I fight the urge to show love with food, since achieving a healthier weight is a goal all four of us share.  But the Italian in me wants to make the food, buy the ice cream and the… Read more →