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Some Animals Eat Their Young

We celebrated my niece Kaitlin and her 13th birthday on Saturday, at the home of Kevin’s mom and step-father.  My eldest niece had one of her closest friends over, an 18 year old girl that we’ll call ‘Blue’.  In the telling of my stories and reflections one thing I am increasingly aware of, is that I do not have the… Read more →

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The Love Life of a Ten Year Old

  One of my children is in love with a little girl named Bryn.  Apparently this vixen smells like vanilla cookies, and “always” wears lip gloss that smells a little like bubblegum, and sometimes like berries.  She has long hair that is a little curly like his Mommy’s hair (Stephanie has lovely mermaid hair).   And when he talks about… Read more →

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Lessons In Parenting

  I am not going to lie; the majority of the time I prefer to be the indulgent parent in the bunch. I fight the urge to show love with food, since achieving a healthier weight is a goal all four of us share.  But the Italian in me wants to make the food, buy the ice cream and the… Read more →