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Because He Loves You

I did the most unthinkable thing on Thanksgiving weekend.  I opted not to work. We had the kids and to be honest, we get very little time with them.  Ten days is all we are allowed right now by Texas law per month, which never feels like enough time.  Sometimes we think about changing that legally, but as both of… Read more →

Taurus 2

A Tale of Two Taurus

There is nothing more attractive than someone who can stand up to you. I had this concept about marriage and romantic relationships that was a little fantastical.  I thought that the perfect relationship meant that you never argued, never faced off in opposition.  A good relationship according to books, magazines and television families is defined by an eerie, passive peaceful… Read more →


Borderlands and 3 a.m.

He’s not a gamer.  I am a former gamer, part-time gamer… (okay I gave gaming and a lot of time in virtual playgrounds up when I started my business).  Becoming a freelancer and growing my business full time became my passion.  I figured… if I was going to be online, I should be paid for it right? Made sense to… Read more →