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Cartoon Illustration of Funny Purebred Chihuahua Dog for Coloring Book

A Really Wonderful Birthday

When I married my husband, I also became a step-mother to twin boys.  I’d like to think that I am nailing this “step-mom” stuff down, but let’s be honest… I waited until the age of 41 to become a legal ‘first time co-parent’ and every month presents lessons in growing into a role that I love, with two young men… Read more →


Every Relationship Has a Story

As I am getting older (and hopefully more wise) one of the shifts in my perceptions is allowing me to understand relationships in a whole new way.  And perhaps because I am a writer, seeing relationships in the context of a plot or story is a better way of embracing something peaceful and important.  That you and I are writing… Read more →

Two Daisies

Haz Happy Weekend

I got a new job.   <— This smile is quite a lot bigger than you can fathom on a blog post.   The environment is awesome, the management team is dynamic and creative and my colleagues are wonderful. As I signed the contract last week I was giddy with excitement and gratitude.  Now, to be clear I am like…… Read more →

Humane Scars

I woke up earlier than Kevin did this morning.  Mostly because Dante was laying on my chest staring at me and making these small sounds that only I can hear, at a pitch that easily translates to “please wake up or I’m going to pee on the carpet”. “Noted. I’m up.” I opened the door to heavy rain.  It doesn’t… Read more →