Performance driven people have a burning need within themselves to achieve.   They don’t just have a Plan A and Plan B; they’ve got the whole darned alphabet on standby.   And while that may sound stressful to someone who likes to live on whim and happenstance, the truth is that it’s not stressful at all.   Living life without… Read more →

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The Importance of Focus

  Feeling exhausted by the political vitriol, debates, racial profiling and violence in social media? In the “good old days” (I’m 43, and allowed to use the term), if you needed a break from the television, you simply turned it off, and walked outside.  At our house, there was always wood to pile, horse stalls to muck out, dogs and… Read more →

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The Love Life of a Ten Year Old

  One of my children is in love with a little girl named Bryn.  Apparently this vixen smells like vanilla cookies, and “always” wears lip gloss that smells a little like bubblegum, and sometimes like berries.  She has long hair that is a little curly like his Mommy’s hair (Stephanie has lovely mermaid hair).   And when he talks about… Read more →

Yeah Right

Cents and Sensibility

  Sometimes I laugh gently inside my head, when people share their conceptions of “working from home” or “owning your own business”. Unless you have ever run your own business, I suppose from the outside the gig looks like a posh thing.   Something that is “easy” or manageable always.  I know rich men who have wives that have businesses… Read more →



  My nails are not beautiful and perfect the way they were when I was a single girl.   That almost seems a lifetime ago, but in truth, I can’t look back on my single years post-divorce and romanticize that they were fun.  In some way or another, someone was using me for money, or food, or kindness, or counseling.… Read more →

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The Quest for Squad

  Intelligence is defined in so many ways.  In my journey through life, I have met the most bewilderingly intelligent human beings on the planet, who are easily frustrated to the point of tears, about asking a guy out on a date.  Some people are drop-dead gorgeous and can tell you what jeans are the most popular, what rap song… Read more →


One Dog’s Life

I love animals.  Arguably, I feel like I understand animals better than I do human beings, and it’s been the same for me since I was a kid.  Parents would start fighting, and I would crawl underneath my single bed, push some Star Trek plastic figurines out, pull the little cover down and hide there with my border collie.  His… Read more →


The Breakfast Club

This summer has been level two achievement for step-mom-ness.  We are not the custodial guardians of our children, which means that during the school year, according to the State of Texas, we are permitted to have them on Thursday nights, and every other weekend.  Usually that adds up to about ten days a month.  Does it sound like enough?  Nope,… Read more →