The Reborn ‘Keto Crazy’ Chick

Fat woman standing in front of her thinner alter ego

It started off simple enough; my glucometer broke a year ago, and I couldn’t be bothered to replace it.   I have a Canadian clinic doctor (currently searching for a PPO doctor for our new health plan) who kept asking me the annoying questions he’s supposed to ask:

Dr. McDonald “What are your blood sugars averaging?”

Me: “High.”

Dr. McDonald “Are you trying to kill yourself?”

Me: “That’s rude.  True, but rude.”

Dr. McDonald “Well, you’re kinda too smart to be rolling the dice Lori”.


Now for the average person, perhaps a doctor like that would make you cry.  Or annoy you, to say the least.  But I knew he was right.  My A1C’s were not every three months like they were supposed to be (so expensive the lab work and tests that used to be free in Canada… yay ‘Merican healthcare system).   So sometimes I had the money, and not the time, and other times I had the time, and not the money.  But most often, truthfully?  I didn’t want to know.  Diabetes is a silent killer.  The most I feel is tired, or hyper depending on my blood glucose (which is also complicated sometimes by having ADHD which cycles me ON HIGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! or down looooooow mood and energy wise).   Roller coaster blood sugar of course, doesn’t help.

And so I kicked myself in the ass really.  All the things I know about eating healthy, exercise… let’s be clear about the irony here folks; I write health and wellness articles that show up on blogs, The Huffington Post, Prevention and a bunch of other sites (under other people’s names of course).   On a monthly basis, I am being evangelical about health and wellness, writing these positive articles about how to care for personal wellness while driving my own health to a crash of epic proportions.  Smart right?   But I am not going to focus on what I got wrong, because I’m on the right track again, and feeling pretty good about it.

Falling Back In Love With Keto Living

A healthy diet is really about chemistry; that’s all.  This little organ called my pancreas is crying for help.  It has warned me in the past (painfully) when I was single, and drinking socially more often that I should.  Tequila? SURE!  With a Corona chaser.  Bring on the vodka!   Pancreatitis was PAINFUL.  It was a reality check for me about drinking even socially.  To this day, getting drunk is something that rarely happens.  I wish I could without health consequences, and when everyone else is drinking, I feel like a “stiff” or an uptight pragmatic loser, but I know what happens when I drink: a) I talk even more (yes that’s possible) and b) my body cries for help.

So low carb is not just a trend, or a diet that I need to follow to trim off the weight I so want to lose.  It’s a lifestyle change.  Permanent.  It has to be, but the cool thing is that as an old lady now (I’m turning 44 soon) I can fall back in love with the Keto lifestyle and explore a whole new culinary journey of low carb awesome.  I LOVE HEALTHY FOOD (truthfully) and I love how I feel about myself when my glucometer reports GOOD NUMBERS (along with the scale).  I love living without the constant guilt of knowing that I am NOT doing what I need to, in order to try my best to dodge some of the ugliest facets of diabetes.

I don’t have to go blind, have limbs removed, or have a heart attack to have an epiphany.  By then, it’s almost too late right?  And so I’m changing the dialogue in my head from “I worked hard today; I deserve ice cream” to “I worked hard today, I’m going to get some smoked salmon and purple onion and cream cheese”.  Sounds delicious right?  A plate like that is 100% Keto friendly, and my pancreas gives it a double thumb’s up!

Blogging It To Make It Stick

One of the most interesting and profound changes in my life happened, when I fell in love with blogging in 2008.  I uncovered a secret that only passionate bloggers know; what you blog, comes to be.  So I blogged about my goals, and relationships for a long time, which helped me heal, grow as a person to understand others better, and myself.   By blogging my journey some strange magic happened, as all my goals became a reality.    Whether anyone reads my blog or not, it becomes as effective as writing down your goals.  Somehow, by making it public, it makes me commit to make it happen.  To continue to work on it.

I’m looking at the reincarnation of my Keto commitment as a chance to really improve my health, my appearance, and perhaps to inspire or reinforce other people in my life who are making the same changes, for the same reasons.   And rather than focus on what I ‘can’t have’ I am going to focus on finding delicious recipes, information and perspectives that allow me to appreciate the healthy new road I am detouring to (permanently).

I didn’t work hard for years, to actualize so many of my dreams, only to die young, or painfully because of bad lifestyle choices.  I have books to publish, people to love, adventures to enjoy and so much more to live for now than ever before.   Now it’s my time to love my own body and preserve my own health, and get an A+ on healthy living and fitness.   It’s overdue and I am finally ready to make it a daily priority.

Blood glucose: 192

Weight: 214

Cigarettes: 17 days smoke free


Physical fitness is not only one of the most important keys to a healthy body, it is the basis of dynamic and creative intellectual activity. – John F. Kennedy

Let’s get ready to rumble! :)