New Year Same Hopes

Typographic design greeting card template with text "Hello 2017 Happy New Year". Modern style poster, greeting card, postcard design in black, cream and gold glitter.

Many people on social are calling 2016 the deadliest year in history.   I kind of chuckle because that right would probably belong to the year 1400 A.D., when 75 million people were killed by the Bubonic Plague.  We lost David Bowie, and Carrie Fisher to name a few this year.  I think it bothers us because we’re all getting older, and may not realize it until we lose the iconic greats that we grew up with.

Somewhere on Facebook was a meme that boldly stated “Save Betty White from 2016!” and I laughed.   People are funny.

I know a lot of people who lost loved ones in 2016, and that wasn’t funny.  Others who nearly lost family members due to illness, or health crisis.   I think the election bruised many people in places they can’t put ice on; the spirit, in the optimism, in faith in mankind.  There were a lot of ugly bits that I am more than happy to leave behind in 2016, and a new app that scrubs any posts that mention Trump on Facebook.

I love technology.

This year is about my health (again).  I’m ready to kick smoking to the curb because… I’m not a smoker.  I used it as a stress crutch for a year, and have now morphed back into the person I have been for the 17 years I have not smoked.  I am officially “Smoking is disgusting, unhealthy, expensive and utterly stupid” girl again.  Victory!  I used to hang around socially with people who smoked heavily, and we don’t really see those people anymore.  So there is no excuse.  And when Kevin’s family has a big gathering, I’ll pack some carrots to munch on and talk socially.  Diabetes and thyroid malfunctions don’t need me adding the health risk of smoking.   And TWO writers I admired and knew intimately died from cancer in 2016.  I need to tempt Fate?  Not so much.

I’ve already had a near miss with cervical cancer. If I get something by accident, that is Fate.  If I get something because I’m overweight and smoking?  I’d never be able to live with myself knowing I caused it deliberately.

I want to lose the last 50 lbs that have been clinging to me for dear life.  I weighed in at 216.3 BUT with my boots, jacket and winter clothes on.  So maybe I’m at about 214 according to the scale at the doctors office.  My goal is to become fixated with something new: sweating for one hour per day at the gym.  Weights, cardio… classes… WHATEVER!  And to drink more water so that hopefully, the pounds melt away.

I’d really like to greet 2018 at 160 lbs.  A much different looking and feeling woman, with long hair and smaller boobs.   And then… save up for some of that plastic surgery stuff that people who drop pounds seem to need.   I don’t want to be walking around like a wrinkle dog, but this weight IS coming off for my health.

My resolution is the same every year.   “Take better care of yourself and others than you did last year.”  It’s broad enough for me to kick some butt, and a reminder that on the list of daily hectic, small business stresses, family obligations et al, that I do not come last.   It’s easy to let myself low prioritize my needs, but I’m not a happy person when I do that.  You matter.  We matter, but I too, matter, and that means making some things happen that are important to me.  I’d like more day trips this year to get to know my new home (and get away from my desk).   I want to go home to Canada (paperwork… don’t even get me started).   I want to take one big giant financial step closer to building our dream house (ETA 3 years tops!).

I want to catch bigger fish than Kevin does.  It’s an ego thing.

I hugged Diego tightly on New Years day and told him “you made it buddy!”   He licked me with exceptionally bad, old man dog breath, and wagged his tail.  He’s the only creature on this earth with the same stubborn determination as his Mom has.  He never quits; and neither do I.

I hope 2017 is an ambitious, peaceful, adventurous and kind year.   We need that.  All of us.  I kind of think of 2016 as Ronda Rousey, and 2017 as Amanda Nunes.  KERPOW!  Get ready for something hungrier, faster, stronger and better this year.  Bring it!