How I Feel About Trump Winning


Photo Credit: Business Insider

It sure is confusing moving from Canada, to the United States.  Apparently, I chose one of the worst times to enter the U.S., as I’ve been told that America ramps up animosity during election years.  I feel the statement is true, or at least I am hopeful that things will resume some kind of sense and normalcy, now that those who were against Trump (I was one of them) have lost our last hope in the Electoral College.

As a Canadian, one of the most shocking things I noticed about the election, was the aggression.  Sure, when the House of Commons debates certain issues in Canada, they do not always agree.  And Canadian’s are just as passionate about politics, but perhaps (in my view) equally passionate about defending certain rights and ideals that make Canada such an amazing country to live in.

You know, the socially unimportant things that differentiate my native country from the United States, like…

  • Acceptance of sexual orientation and equality.  Gay, straight, bisexual, transgendered … if you are a good person, you’re more than okay with us.
  • Acceptance of other religions, and the right of Canadian citizens to practice whatever faith they chose, without vilification.
  • Acceptance of other cultures, skin colors, languages and the encouragement to view these differences as a benefit, not a detriment to our Nation.
  • Acceptance of our Prime Minister as a respectable figure, and of the House of Commons to lead in a direction that benefits all Canadians.

I have been very active online, and while my criticisms have been very pointed about Donald Trump (I’ve never liked the weasel), I have stayed above what I have found to be the normal bickering, arguing and frankly bullying that I’ve seen online.  My job as a community manager and experience has allowed me to conduct my difference in opinion in weekly debates, without name calling, or putting anyone down.

Mostly, I have enjoyed asking Trump supporters some very pointed questions like:

  1. Why are you comfortable with a President that has been charged with sexual assault several times? Once, by his first wife?
  2. Why are you proud of a man who has several litigation suits against him, regarding shady business practices, like leaving suppliers and contractors “high and dry” on bills he has refused to pay?
  3. Why do you revere a man who has no respect for women in his language?  I never thought I’d live to see the day that a President would laugh his own comments such as “Women… you gotta treat them like shit,” or “You know, you just grab them by the pussy.”  Classy… wow.
  4. Why do you trust a man who (to my knowledge) fought to keep his income tax details private when they were requested?  He’s the first President in history to do so.  He filed a loss (once) according to reports, and allegedly has not paid taxes since then.  Fair to the country?  You betchya!
  5. Why do you trust a man who has bankrupted several times, with the economic future of the world’s super power and economic engine?
  6. Why do you think a President who can’t keep his countries straight (like, the names of them and shit) as our diplomatic representative to the world?
  7. Why do you think it is not a conflict of interest for a man to run so many businesses and investments that can be influenced by his political leadership?  You cool with him making money first?  I believe that’s what he’s in the chair to do.
  8. Why are you not humiliated every time he takes to Twitter to talk like the blue collar tough guy he isn’t?  It’s a scam… he’s never been blue collar his entire life.  But he spoke like one to motivate the “red neck masses” who believed that finally… they would have a President who championed “the little guy”.   He doesn’t give a shit about you, your family, or your struggles.  He’s wired to make money for himself… not social change.
  9. Why are you not FURIOUS at Pence, one step away from the Presidential chair, and his absolutely outlandish belief that every gay person in the United States requires “conversion therapy” so they can be a right wing pseudo-Christian redneck?  I’m convinced Pence has never opened a book.
  10. Can you spell Benghazi?  Do you know what actually happened?  Because unbiased legal experts AROUND THE WORLD have cleared Hillary of any wrong doing.  You gripped this concept fed to you by Trump because he needed to vilify and bully her.  And you bought it… instead of actually doing the reading.
  11. Why do you lie and say that Trump had the majority vote when 2.6 million MORE American’s voted against him.  So let’s do the math … Hillary got as many votes as Trump… and then, 2.6 million MORE.  But yeah… it was a landslide victory for the “orange abomination”.
  12. Why are so many devote Christians in support of Trump, his language, his platform and how he conducts himself on a daily basis?  I can’t speak for God, but I’m fairly sure Jesus would have more than a few problems with Donald Schmuck.

And yet, when you ask these pointed questions, I’ve noticed that few of them have answers.   They have assumptions fed to them by the political rhetoric machine that was this spiteful, hateful and embarrassing electoral year in history.

Trump has placed a climate change refuter in charge of the environment.  Smart! Why? Because he is invested in coal…. seriously, do I have to connect the dots?

Trump has lined his cabinet already with leaders of industry.  Not “small guys,” but friends that have serious financial benefit to their new positions.  Conflict?  Nah… Trump supporters (many of them) don’t understand the term “conflict of interest” or they’d be having a moral riot, like the rest of us are.   The dude he assigned to Russia?  Heavily invested in Russia… it’s good to be friends with a President who has “got your back” by placing the 1% in key positions, where they are likely to double if not triple their incomes.   But *cough* … no conflict of course.

The most upsetting allegation is of course, the secret web server with Russia.


You voted in a President who Hillary openly accused in the debate, of colluding with Russia, via a secret web server.  Russia… you know, the country that loves bombing the shit out of people, push/pulling us with military threats, and the country that has been subject to several trade boycotts by the United States for human rights issues.  Yeah… those guys.  Well the good news is that the server “mysteriously vanished” after Hillary’s allegation.  The really good news?  Nothing can be removed forever from the internet… there is always a trail.  And should the CIA and FBI find that trail and prove conclusively, Trump supporters can enjoy watching their candidate impeached for treason.

Because I know that many Trump supporters don’t read (I’m sorry, but that’s my best conclusion), here is the definition of treason:

“the crime of betraying one’s country, especially by attempting to kill the sovereign or overthrow the government.”   

God bless America.  She really needs it right now.

And I miss home, more than ever.