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Friend Poster

The Quest for Squad

  Intelligence is defined in so many ways.  In my journey through life, I have met the most bewilderingly intelligent human beings on the planet, who are easily frustrated to the point of tears, about asking a guy out on a date.  Some people are drop-dead gorgeous and can tell you what jeans are the most popular, what rap song… Read more →


One Dog’s Life

I love animals.  Arguably, I feel like I understand animals better than I do human beings, and it’s been the same for me since I was a kid.  Parents would start fighting, and I would crawl underneath my single bed, push some Star Trek plastic figurines out, pull the little cover down and hide there with my border collie.  His… Read more →


The Breakfast Club

This summer has been level two achievement for step-mom-ness.  We are not the custodial guardians of our children, which means that during the school year, according to the State of Texas, we are permitted to have them on Thursday nights, and every other weekend.  Usually that adds up to about ten days a month.  Does it sound like enough?  Nope,… Read more →

Good Humans Challenge

The #GoodHumans 7-Day Challenge

It might not occur to you that your media is filtered.  And I know this information coming from nerd girl (who has built a career in digital media) may sound awkward.  For it’s foibles, I still very much love the “internet of things” and connectivity, online community and true news.  The problem is not the news though; it’s the filter… Read more →