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Barn Raising: Finding Community in Contemporary Life

I grew up in Ontario, and sometimes we would visit the Kitchener Waterloo area, which was home to communities of Mennonites.  On the outside, much of the world knows their religion as somewhat of an obscurity; they abhor technology including cars, and dress and live consistent with values from the early 1900 farming communities. The women are the most amazing… Read more →

A Very Good Daughter

There have been times in the last year where different people have said how ‘lucky’ I am.  My husband is my best friend (no, like… really my best friend) and I married into a large family full of kids, new cousins, amazing Aunts (and Uncle’s) and I am starting to slowly make new friends. But there is something that makes… Read more →

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Facebook Privacy

When Facebook was first launched, and geeks like myself raced to join, it really was a free-for-all.   Invitations to connect were sent out like crazy because it was new.  The name of the game was to find everyone you knew, and ‘friend’ them so that you could share.   In many ways, social hasn’t changed that much in the last seven… Read more →


Diego’s Bucket List

The first time I heard of a bucket list for a dog, it was in a news article and it made me cry.  This elderly dog had been abandoned by his family at the shelter, after spending twelve years with them.  Apparently the family couldn’t bear the idea of watching their dog, a member of the family, decline due to… Read more →


No One Has Life Figured Out

As a marketer, I know about perception and image.  I also know about reputation management in business, and see the same models and practices used to cultivate what we think is a perfect life.  You know, the one everyone else has but ourselves? Social media is a powerful communication tool and one that I am grateful for.  Not only has… Read more →