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Not Cowboys

The Elusive Texan Cowboy

The first time I heard my (now) husband Kevin speak, I thought he sounded like a cowboy.  I mean, television portrays anyone with a southern accent as cowboy(ish) right? Through my business travels I had visited Kentucky, Tennessee (even Graceland) and Dallas a few times for international trade shows I participated in as a Marketing Coordinator.  I found men in… Read more →


A Lesson in Natural Pecking Order

Meet the Aerosteon.  This nine meter long carnivore roamed the earth about 84 million years ago.  It was not a spineless creature, but rather one that had very weak spinal bones that were filled with air.  While this dinosaur looked ominous, and surely acted ominous (had big visible teeth) compared to other carnivore’s it was pretty easy to kill.  All… Read more →


You Talk Too Much

  “Don’t you ever stop talking?” Well, no.  I mean there are times when I hear myself talking and talking and talking and start to notice certain subtle things.  Like people feigning a heart attack or calling the ambulance, pretending to have lost their phone or forgotten their wallet in the car.  I’ve never really considered those occurrences to be… Read more →