From Team Taylor Swift to Team Katy Perry


Credit: Kevin Mazur/WireImage


I am was a Taylor Swift fan.

In many ways I’ve associated with her lyrics over the years.  Songs that “punch back” at an asshole Father (feel that).  Songs that examine single girl loneliness, the frustration of looking for the right one. Even the songs aimed at raising a middle finger at the players that she has dated.  Not that I ever thought the problems in those relationships were all about the men she chose to become involved with.  I’ve always had a sense that Miss Swift can dish the diva with the best of them (contrary to her innocent “I’m the victim” carefully cultivated personae).  Taylor has always seemed like someone who THINKS she wants to settle down in a relationship, but really does not want to have a successful long term relationship.

Been there.  Done that also.  I relate.

I am also a Katy Perry fan.

Hollywood tried to make her into the next “Britney Spears” and tame her creative expression.  She struggled for years to be accepted and marketed just as she was, dreams of princes and unicorns, candy floss and sugar cane bra’s.  I love her because her lyrics can be playful on the top level, but they belay a true single woman experience.  With Katy I believe she DOES want to be married, have kids and settle down.  I think she is the kind of star that will be successful her whole life, not simply a trendy pop princess. She is capable of that kind of depth and growth.

I also know all the words to “ROAR” even though I can’t sing for shit.


Being asked to sing at the Superbowl is such an incredible honor, and I was over the moon for Katy Perry.  I felt that validation was like a creative victory.  “Hey popular culture music executives… someone can be true to their expression and still succeed tremendously without donning the fake blond tendril extensions and silicone boobs.”  I can’t wait to hear her sing tomorrow at the Superbowl.  I have this ‘baby sister’ pride for Katy Perry and great respect for her.  I mean it’s the Superbowl Halftime Show!  Go girl!   You’ve made it to epic Beyonce, Bruno Mars, Michael Jackson, Phil Collins, Christina Aguilera, Enrique Iglesias, The Who, Madonna, Paul McCartney, Prince, Justin Timberlake (and boob flashing Janet Jackson), U2, Britney Spears… and more.


Taylor Swift was not asked to sing at the Superbowl.  Chances are she may never be asked to perform in the Half Time show simply because she is known for being  catty. She can sell records, and Lord knows she has the talent… but on the likability scale?  She gets a D- and has no one to blame but herself because she snipes other creatives, just as she is doing with Katy Perry now.

Men don’t do this stuff (at least not often).  There is a bit of a tiff going on between Orlando Bloom and Justin Bieber (please Selena for the love of God stay away from that psychotic, narcissistic mess of a man-child – they don’t out grow it, they just find new victims) but in general men don’t do this stuff.  In fact, if Katy and Taylor were men the social media might have gone this way.


Taylor: “Man, the Superbowl Halftime show is big.  Glad for Katy.  And Pepsi… I’m available for 2016! [insert manly ha hah haaa]

Katy: “Yeah dude seriously honored.  Ask Taylor next year.  She’s the shit.”


End of drama.


Instead I’m watching a jealous Taylor sniping Katy at every opportunity on social.  As a Marketing Director this irritates me because nothing said on social is “accidental” or innocuous.  And girls play this bitchy, catty game with each other constantly (even mere mortals on Facebook).  The comparisons, the sniping, the comments, the passive aggression.  And believe me … I’ve played that game too, and grown through it.   That’s probably why I find it so transparent and irritating.   I’m watching the knives fly and I am disgusted.


It’s mean and selfish.  And there’s no reason for it.

Who really knows the truth of what is going on behind the scenes between the two pop queens.  What I have seen is some abusive power play from Taylor “I’m going to threaten your dancers that I will never hire them if they perform with you.”   Shit like that.  Who started it?  No clue.  But my ancient 40+ year old female gut tells me that the fact that Taylor Swift was a “drive by” experience for John Mayer and it appears that John may be engaged now to Katy Perry (personally think Katy can do far better than that leech… but love is strange).


It is okay to feel jealousy.  It is human.  To feel hurt, rejected, threatened by the success of someone else.  Threatened by the gifts that person has (beauty, talent… whatever).   We are wired as human beings to compare ourselves to others (this is more true for women than men I think).   But it is NOT okay… to attack someone for a victory that they have worked hard for.   Or to create this petty, immature and low class drama to try to steal some of the thunder from Katy Perry by trying to drag her into the mire on her victory weekend.


My opinion of Taylor Swift has shifted. I felt bad for her, and bought into the victim story.  I even related to it.  But I’m on Team Katy Perry now for good, because I can’t stand women who have to cut up other women to elevate themselves.   We are supposed to support each other so that everyone wins.

I thought Taylor was this nice girl done wrong by the world.  Not so much.   There is nothing empowered about her except her ability to sell “victim” to hide the “Mean Girl”.


Congratulations Katy.  The show will be amazing.  And the thing about selfish, self centered jealous people?  Don’t let her soil your star.    People who cannot elevate or support others are neither enlightened nor people of substance.  Stop responding.   Justin Bieber’s star is continuing a downhill spiral not because he’s not pretty, not because he’s not talented but simply because he’s a dick.

It’s hard to sell “Nice Girl” records when everyone knows you are mean.  I’ma pull your girl card Taylor.  :(   You broke my heart.