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Two Daisies

Haz Happy Weekend

I got a new job.   <— This smile is quite a lot bigger than you can fathom on a blog post.   The environment is awesome, the management team is dynamic and creative and my colleagues are wonderful. As I signed the contract last week I was giddy with excitement and gratitude.  Now, to be clear I am like…… Read more →


Aspiring to Insensitivity?

  I can’t lie.  I really, really admire women who have the ability defer, deflect or otherwise ignore the unsavory behaviors of others. I’m going to be fair with myself and recall that my therapist, Dr. Deborah Duggan in Toronto gave me some insight into my sensitivities. 1) When your parents are abusive assholes, you tend to grow up a… Read more →

1371239358_6304_frugal living

Living Small for Big Gains

  Let’s be clear about one thing.  I love beautiful things. I am not the kind of girl that would spend $400 on shoes.  Or $800+ on a fancy purse.  I know where to buy them, I know which ones are cool, the kind that would make women around me go “OmgItotallyloveyourbagomgomgwheredidyougetitgirl!!!” I’m not that girl.  I sometimes wish I… Read more →


A Real Weekend

  I had a really fabulous weekend. It started with the hustle and bustle of getting ready for Halloween. One of my twin son’s commented that Halloween was “only for kids” and not “for old people”.    The fact that he considers me to be an adult just proves he needs to work on paying attention more closely. So not… Read more →