Ottawa Terrorist Attack: An End to Innocence


Let there be peace. – BZTAT Studios

As a Canadian living in Texas the news hit me like a bullet.  I’m not ashamed to admit that sitting in my car on my lunch, biting into a crispy chicken sandwich from Wendy’s I paused.  And then a lump in my throat.  And then goosebumps.

Terrorist hit on the Canadian Parliament?  In Canada?  And my eyes welled up but the tears didn’t fall, while my head began with “but… this stuff doesn’t happen in Canada!”

The first thing I have noted about the news coverage of the event is that it is (yet again) unfairly referring to the assailant only as a “Muslim Convert”.  I am Roman Catholic.  I have many close friends who are Muslim.

Media… please change your phrasing.  People convert to the Muslim faith all the time.  Only .000000000000000000000000001% of them become fundamentalist, violent jerks that do this kind of stuff.

I know because I have considered converting many times.  I find the Muslim faith wholesome, family oriented, marriage oriented and strong.  I’m also of the opinion that there is only one God and he doesn’t care what name you give him, as long as you are good, try to live a good life and help others, and take care of yourself in a peaceful and compassionate way.

But I am pretty sure my Nonno would kick my ass in heaven (if I am fortunate enough to arrive there someday) if I changed from my native Catholicism.   So I stick with it, despite problems in my own Church that break my heart, challenge my sense of humanity and charity, and… there is that whole being a divorced Catholic thing.

I could have had it annulled but refused to.  He’s happier; I am happier.  That is a good outcome.

A Muslim is not a terrorist.

A Muslim convert is not a terrorist.

A terrorist is a terrorist regardless of what fundamental principles they choose to embrace.  They are the bad folks.  They are not representative of every Muslim you will meet.

That would be like saying every Texan I meet is like those wack jobs in Waco, Texas.   Nope.  But the media will spin it and have you believe that every Muslim is waiting to do something like this.   It is actually historically known as the “Religion of Peace”.  Reading the Quran is a beautiful, educational and poetic experience.   It is also full of real tips to preserve your faith, your family ties and the quality of life that all of us aspire to.

This is the age of the end of innocence.  Where perhaps Canada can no longer assume that a foreign policy of compassion and generosity, peace keeping and kindness will protect them from terrorist attacks, like New York experienced on 9/11.

And I resist the urge to build a Yurt in Alaska and get as far away from the most dangerous animals on this planet.


“Indeed, Allah enjoins justice, and the doing of good to others; and giving like kindred; and forbids indecency, and manifest evil, and wrongful transgression.”

(Al Quran 16:91)

“Those who believe and do good deeds — the Gracious God will create love in their hearts.”

 (Al Quran 19:97)

“οὐ φονεύσεις”(Hebrew)

Thou shalt not kill.