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On Gratitude

I slept twelve hours last night. My husband was the first to notice that my ADHD moves in cycles sometimes.  High periods of rampant energy (imagine a mouse running quite fast on a wheel) and other periods where I have low to no energy.  During those periods I feel sad, insecure and seem to dwell on the negative while totally… Read more →

black panther (6)

Starting Over

When you are busy sometimes things don’t have time to sink in.  Like the move from Canada to Texas.  Followed by the wedding three weeks later.  Followed by immigration bills (a hefty one).  Followed by one… then two surgeries that were not completely covered by health insurance. And so the M.O. since May 5th for me has been GO! GO!… Read more →

Boy and Girl Piggy Banks on Coin Heart

Austerity and Clarity

There was a time when I would drop $200.00 on a Saturday easy… for nothing I particularly needed. It seems a lifetime ago that I was a DINK (dual income no kids) and earning more than $130k per year collectively with my former spouse.  And we did the stupid shit that people with too much money do, like renovation and… Read more →


A Piece of Peace

I’ve spent a lifetime praying for strength. Whatever the circumstance was, my prayers were always something of a bargain I was trying to make with God.  “Please let me just get through this” or “Please give me the strength to stay on my path when I want to give up so badly” or “God, just let the light at the… Read more →


The Mythology of the “Breaking Point”

Everyone has a breaking point. Everyone normal that I know uses the expression of being “past their breaking point”.  I never understood that expression.  To me, if you are past the proverbial “breaking point” shouldn’t you be in a mental health facility, wearing white jammies and slurping apple sauce a la “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest?“. So loved Jack… Read more →