I Haz Mutant Cold

I used to say “chest/head ebola”.  That was okay when Ebola was not in the headlines every day killing people.  And I am sensitive to that, so I am trying to train myself out of my exaggerated health claim.

“I haz eee-uh, mmm… a very bad cold”.

If you think I can content write quickly, you may be surprised to learn how much faster I write when I am artificially propped by over-the-counter medications. You see I am one of those anti-pill-popping people who use an ice pack instead of an Advil.

I try to keep the pills to a minimum.  I have enough family members addicted to pain killers.   No thanks.

And I am stubborn.  It’s quaint to suggest that I am CHOOSING to work whilst feeling like a bobble head of some chubby Italian girl.  Give me pain any day.  Give me a cold and I get pissed off.

The timing of course, is always perfect.  Damn it.

YuckSo last night at 11 p.m. I went to the CVS (think Shoppers Drug Mart in Canada) and got the big over-the-counter guns to help me sleep.  And the daytime stuff to keep me upright and vertical, trying to churn out words when what I really feel like doing is tipping over on my chair and falling asleep on the carpet that smells slightly like feet and dogs.

I hate carpet.  Our next house will not be plagued with it.

I am playing that game I play with my body.

Body: “We’re sick.”
Psyche: “No we aren’t.”

Body: “We’re sick!”

Psyche: “No we aren’t.”

Body: “We’re sick!!!”

Psyche: “No we aren’t!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

I have a fever but I am getting hot and cold flashes.  The probability that I wrote this post in my bra and underwear? About 70%, but I’ll never tell.

All I can say is that the Tropicana better work.  Or else what?  Or else I shall be sick and extremely angry.

Damned Eb… cold.

I’m thinking Lucas’ sniffles were a little more than allergies.  Back to school bugs… yay! I love being a Step-Mommy.  Guess this comes with the … the uh… CHOOOOOOOOOOO!

… territory.

I want my doggy. Knowing Diego he is probably wearing a hazmat suit.  He’s sympathetic like that.