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Narcissism vs. Self Love

Shy people make me feel uncomfortable but I secretly love them.  My best friend in fact is shy (but confident).  She doesn’t like to dominant the conversation in a group or ‘work the room’ the way that extremely extroverted types like to.   Like my husband Kevin.  You can see him floating around talking and laughing, charismatic and energetic. I… Read more →

One Step at a Time

We bought a car yesterday. The tricky thing about buying a car (which was and has been a blow to my ego since I arrived in Texas for good) is that I did not have credit. Ms. Responsible, Ms. Good Credit in Canada translated to Mrs. Zero Credit in Texas.  Once you immigrate you see, you start from zero.  That… Read more →

Adjust Thy Self-Expectations

I want a car. It makes no financial sense to get a car since I will be digging myself out of some financial stuff, but I want a car.  Sharing a truck isn’t working well (in fact it’s pretty much the only thing we may bicker about being two very independent people used to… having their own cars).  Makes sense.… Read more →

Rainy Day Thursday

I used to complain about a rainy day. I don’t get headaches often, but sometimes when it rains they come and they are wicked.  You know, the kind that make you feel cross-eyed while you bury your head under two pillows and a curious dog to make the pressure go away?  Diane gets very terrible migraines more often than I… Read more →

What Me Worry? Nah!

There is a tremendous amount of energy being wasted in my life on worry. First, there is what others think of me.   I learned not to become paralyzed by what others think of me.  And if someone thought poorly of me, I didn’t let that stop me.  I’d keep trucking because I am busy trying to get to the… Read more →

Temper Temper Kids

Lessons In Parenting

“I’m telling Mommy!” It’s been over two years since I first met the twins.  I decided that I wanted to wait of course to see where our relationship was going before becoming introduced to the two little men who are now my step-sons.   In a previous relationship I had become so attached to the kids (and unfortunately less so… Read more →


About Transitions

People keep asking me how I like Texas. It stands to reason because the difference between Toronto and Texas is possibly interplanetary. And I don’t mean that to be rude, but let’s be honest, the South has a very strong, pronounced character that is unlike anywhere else in the world. To be clear, there are things I find completely loving… Read more →